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Your baby is your most valuable possession. If you think, “My baby should grow up both healthy and naturally” then you're in the right place. Your baby has sensitive skin and a sensitive immune system, so cleanliness and hygiene are very important. How do you want to clean your baby's surroundings, his or her clothes that are constantly being soiled, and all of your belongings that are put in his or her mouth? We heard you respond that you want a product that does not contain harmful chemicals and will not irritate your baby's skin or leave residue. At the same time we heard that you want a cleaning product that is accessible, inexpensive, and of course made entirely from natural raw materials. We have been working for you! We are also mothers and we understand babies' special needs. We present to you our natural BENIM products. Your baby is safe with BENIM, rest assured! The BENIM products are as pure and natural as babies themselves.We would like to share some questions (and our answers) that you may have as mothers about BENIM products:

It is natural. The raw materials in our products – the active ingredients – have not been created synthetically from PETROL like other cleaning agents. Our products have been developed from natural products such as coconut, persimmon, wheat, potato, and sugar beet. Because of this feature, you will now be able to both keep your baby away from harmful chemicals and at the same time protect nature. Two birds with one stone...

It is professional. The professional force behind BENIM: Uzay Kimya. Sevda Arıkan, the Chemical Engineer who established Uzay Kimya in 1983, is a professional woman who has achieved many “firsts” in Turkey. At the same time, as a mother and a grandmother, Sevda Arıkan stands confidently behind the BENIM label as she ensures the most.

It is accessible. Making your life easier is very important for us. For this reason, we are not just located in chain supermarkets. In order for you to easily reach us, we have also taken our place in virtual markets.

It is economic. A quality and healthy lifestyle is everyone's right. Not only that, we're talking about our babies – each one miraculous! Our “affordable price” politics is based on this understanding. For this reason all of our products are offered to informed mothers at prices she can easily access.

Cleaning your baby's belongings and clothes with ordinary detergents can harm his or her sensitive skin, cause asthma, eczema, and many other allergic illnesses and hormonal problems.

This is the reason why we created the BENIM product, prepared from natural raw ingredients for babies and sensitive and allergic skin.

Formaldehyde: A material that is highly toxic to human and animal bodies. In addition to being an allergen and carcinogen, formaldehyde has even been proven to cause some deaths. Since the 1940's its use has been prohibited in Japan.

EDTA: This substance does not easily biologically decompose and causes poisonous heavy metals to enter the food chain. Heavy metals are harmful to human health and have a negative effect on the behavioral, psychological and cognitive systems.

Synthetic active ingredients: These are obtained from benzene in crude petrol in a synthetic and environmentally detrimental manner. In European studies synthetic active ingredients have been documented as causing of breast cancer, as harmful to DNA, and as harmful to sperm quality and sperm production in mammals.

Chlorine: The chlorine gas released during its use threatens health by creating a hydrochloric acid effect when it reaches the nasal mucosa and lungs. When mixed with other cleaning agents, a chemical called chloramine is released and causes runny nose and watery eyes, shortness of breath, and fluid build-up in the lungs.

Optic Whiteners: Used in traditional laundry detergents, optic whiteners are chemicals that show laundry as white and shining. These agents absorb ultraviolet (UV) light and reflects them as blue. The reflected blue light occludes all yellows and causes your laundry to appear more bright and white. The optic whiteners that coat your laundry can cause your skin to become sensitive to light and can also cause sunburns. Optic whiteners also contain chemicals that are poisonous to fish and other plant and wildlife. As their decomposition takes a long time, their buildup in waterways affects all living things that come in contact with plants, animals and water.

Phosphate: Mixes into lakes and oceans with waste water. This causes damage to the ecosystem, water to age more quickly and thus eradicates living creatures.

BENIM products do not contain any of the chemicals in standard cleaning agents.

To distinguish BENIM products from common cleaning agents, we present you with the summarizing table below:

  • : Negative
  • : Partially
  • : Positive

Soap powders and powder detergents contain various powder chemical substances in their formulas (e.g. soda, phosphate, silicate etc.). Because these powder substances do not rinse or dissolve easily in water, they can penetrate clothes and remain in the fabrics themselves. In turn, this causes clothing to fade and wear out. More importantly, the substances that remain inside the fabric can cause ALLERGIES when they come in contact with skin. This especially occurs in babies who sweat and in small children.

Because BENIM products use natural liquid raw materials instead of powdered chemicals, they do not leave behind residue in clothes.

Standard detergents have formulas designed for stains and laundry of adults. They are not as successful in cleaning dirt and stains from babies. In addition, the chlorine comprising these detergents are harmful to both babies and adults. You do not want chlorine in your and your baby's clothes, right?

The raw materials in the BENIM formula do not irritate skin. This property has been TESTED AND APPROVED by the CHELAB S.R.I. Laboratory in Europe.

Herbal and natural raw materials with high cleaning and stain-removing properties are chosen with care when preparing BENIM products.

The production process is started after performance tests, including testing effects on general stain and dirt, canned and formula baby foods, fecal matter from various baby age-groups, foods, vomit, iron syrup and the various stains that babies can create. Testing has been performed using standard and similar products, and have produced successful results.

In addition to our performance tests, a special raw material to prevent dye transfers was added to our formula designed for frequent baby clothing washings. Thus, no matter how much baby clothes are washed, colors will not bleed, colors will not fade and will remain as new.

Because BENIM is environmentally-friendly, substances that dissolve easily in water and in nature are used in its formula. Because of this, it is effective by quickly dissolving in water and can be rinsed easily. Also, because it is natural it will not foam too much. This means that you can rinse easily with less water.

The fragrances in BENIM products have been chosen carefully, with fragrances with suitable formulas and smells for babies. They are anti-allergic, natural essences with overuse being avoided to prevent discomfort to babies.